Welwyn Garden City (North London)

The main HQ location where the sales, marketing, production and finance teams are based.

Jarrow (Near Newcastle)

The warehouse and distribution centre where stock is handled, and sent out all around the world. Our dedicated and innovative design studio is the based here, who are the creative and talented brains behind the products.

Sydney (Australia)

Our dedicated Australia and New Zealand sales and marketing function, who work closely with our distribution partners to service all retailers in the region.

Shenzhen (China)

The production and logistics function who work closely with our numerous manufacturing partners, to ensure high quality products are produced to our high standards and shipped out on time.

North America

We work with 3 separate and dedicated sales, marketing and distribution specialists to service all retail partners. You will see our products in Gamestop, EB Games, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and many independent stores.