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Dare To Imagine.
Dare To Imagine.
Dare To Imagine.

We are Rubber Road Ltd.

Selected Brands

Rubber Road is the mother company to the Numskull brand, known internationally for working with the leading brands and biggest names in video games, movies, music and sports.

We are a recognised leader in our field, for innovative designs, high quality manufacture and global distribution.

Our products have been enjoyed by millions of customers across the world since 2012, which is something we are very proud of and continue to improve upon each and every day.

Enjoy reading more about us, and dare to imagine.

Our Brands


Designing, manufacturing and distributing licensed gaming, movie and music merchandise globally.

Numskull Games

Publishing, marketing and distributing unique video games digitally and physically.

Quarter Arcades

Quarter Arcades has been hailed the best and most accurate replica range of Arcade cabinets by renowned collectors.


Ducks who love to cosplay. The latest highly desirable range of collectible products that fans are simply quackers about.

Pin Kings

Our range of premium hard enamel pins covering all the latest and most desirable brands in pop culture.